Special Opportunity 

Into the Abyss: Wilson's Creek Swallow Hole Public Presentation

Have you heard about the Swallow Hole that popped up in our local Wilson's Creek? It is an interesting geo-feature that has caused quite a stir (of water within the creek) and of intrigue within the community!

On Wednesday February 21, 2018,  anyone who joins as a JRBP member (during or before the meeting) have the exclusive opportunity to receive 3 door prize tickets to win Bass Pro Shops prizes! 

We are committed to creating a community of water quality advocates that come together through education, action, and recreation. 



In search of new adventures in the Ozarks?

Have a best friend ready to get active in the community?

Are you part of a small family, growing family, or big family
looking for interesting ways to spend time together?

Is your crew excited to start lending a helping hand?

We enjoy bringing our community of members together to converse, learn, and make an impact on our local waterways.

Each year JRBP provides our members with:

  • membership meeting(s) - with expert speakers
  • a member tour - around a local point-of-interest 
  • a member float - contests, canoes, and camaraderie 

A JRBP membership is the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with passionate residents of the Ozarks who #LoveYourLocalWater. We hope you can join us!

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Could local tourism boost your business?

Are you concerned with our community's economy, health, & happiness?

How is water involved in your day-to-day work?

Considering a new way to reward your staff?

We want to give local businesses and their employees the opportunity to support our non-profit's ongoing mission of improving and protecting water quality in the Ozarks.

Not only does safe and clean water promote tourism within our cities, it also upholds overall citizen health and engagement.

If you look out your business's door, how close is the nearest stream, creek, spring, or river? If you take a look, you may realize one is closer than expected.

Help us protect these vital resources and reach out to our local community alongside JRBP.

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Your membership dollars
Do make a difference

Our financial backbone is comprised of approximately 70% federal, state, and foundational grant funding, while the remaining 30% is supported directly through citizen and business memberships, donations, and fundraising events. As environmental grants becomes more competitive, memberships and donations continue to make a huge impact on our...

 ...non-profit's ability to implement community projects, including clean-ups. JRBP and our volunteers remove thousands of pounds of trash and recyclables from local rivers each year. Your membership helps fund these clean-ups as well as educational outreach opportunities for adults and youth, projects & programs within our community, and general operational duties.

$100 ... helps remove 1 recliner from our rivers
$50 ... helps remove 1 television from our rivers
$20 ... helps remove 1 tire from our rivers
$10 ... helps remove 320 aluminum cans from our rivers
$5 ... helps remove 1,600 styrofoam cups from our rivers
$1 ... helps remove 16 plastic bottles from our rivers

Your membership is tax-deductible based on JRBP's 501.c.3 non-profit status.