Envisioning clean water for you,
your children, and your grandchildren.


The James River Basin Partnership (JRBP) is a grassroots, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization working to improve and protect the water quality of the
springs, streams, rivers, and lakes in the James River watershed which
consists of almost a million acres of land in portions of eight counties.


2nd Swallow Hole

Wes Johnson took a full picture look at the first and second swallow hole that are open along the Wilson's Creek streambed. These holes are in the cooridoor that JRBP recently received a $900,000 grant from the EPA that focuses on improving the quality of Wilson's Creek water and its tributaries.

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Interested in learning more after the interview? JRBP has the exclusive opportunity for JRBP members to attend a Member Meeting centered around this Swallow Hole in mid-February.

Get your JRBP Gear

#TreatYoSelf in 2018 to some James River Basin Partnership gear. Get these designs, created by 3 different Drury Design students, on t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, baby onezies, coffee mugs and more! Continue celebrating JRBP's 20th Anniversary into 2018.

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Christian county rebate

Residents of both Christian County and Greene County can now participate in this rainwater harvesting rebate that will help add sustainable efforts to your home, conserve drinking water, and create a new way to tend to your garden. Receive $0.50 for every gallon your new rainwater harvesting unit collects, up to 300 gallons.

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Focusing & Setting Goals

It's time to get amped up for 2018! We are looking forward to tackling this year alongside all of you. We are excited for what this year may bring to us, our community, and our local waterways.

During December's JRBP Member "Meet-&-Be-Great" Meeting, our members had a chance to get their thoughts on track for 2018. Check out their goals, and set some of your own.

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River Rescue memorial fund

The late Larry Martin understood the importance of water quality and conservation. He recognized one of the most difficult parts of this commitment to river clean-ups was the fundraising aspect. In memory of Larry Martin, the Martin family has worked with JRBP to set up a memorial fund that will directly benefit JRBP’s River Rescue each year.

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Get your Guide

Written and illustrated to help explorers like you navigate our waterways while learning about the rich history, fascinating geology, and unique plants & animals found throughout our alluring and charming Southwest Missouri watershed.

Shipped directly to your door!

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